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I’m Sophie… I am a home educating, introverted, nature-loving mum who has fallen in love, and become just a teeny weeny bit obsessed with essential oils, and I want to welcome you to come along on this exciting journey with me…

My husband and I were already running our 6-figure business we had built from scratch before our daughter was born when doTERRA came into our lives. We learnt about it because of her extreme separation anxiety she had, but also fell in love with the business side of it all pretty much immediately, seeing the potential not only for an additional income stream, but also to build our own conscious enterprise, where not only was that additional income, but we could do massive good for others and their health, while supporting communities of farmers and distillers around the world too. It just fitted in perfectly with everything we were looking to do.

I love feeling empowered by being in control of my health and income, and that I can truly design my life by being able to work from anywhere in the world with my family, all thanks to doTERRA, and I love giving that amazing gift to my tribe of customers, brand ambassadors and wellness advocates.

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Are you someone who’s physical health, hormones, emotions or limiting beliefs are holding you back? Are you looking for something to help you feel amazing, free you from those limits you put on yourself? You may have tried lots of other things before, you’re a bit stuck… well, I can help you.

I don’t identify as a business, life or wellness coach, but I am a mum in business who has managed to overcome about 90% of all the things that held me back (we are all on a journey, right?) quite unexpectedly using essential oils and plant based products to enhance my strengths, to increase the power of my affirmations, to overcome my lack of confidence, to increase my energy, reduce my anxiety and stress, and improve my physical health from the inside (still working on the outside)…

I have trained as an emotions mentor, and have discovered how powerful scent and the chemistry of essential oils can be on changing our emotions quickly, and also how powerful our emotions are over us, so I’ve learned how to take back control of mine, and my health… and also how living a low-tox life can help with all these things…

I want to share with you what I have learned and what I’m passionate about sharing with others because this has been a revolutionary new path for me for the past 3 years, and has completely changed my life. I want to help you change yours too, whatever your business, whatever your limiting beliefs. So welcome to my website, come on in and get ready to see what it’s all about!

I am here to serve, and help people transform their lifestyles, as well as grow a business if they choose to.


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